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Splendid City comes with all the tools associated with a high quality sport scheduler, supporting a variety of scheduling algorithms and analysis tools to make creating sport schedules easier than ever before.

Scheduling Algorithms and Supported Schedule Types

  • Intelligent scheduling time generation algorithm to produce schedules with a more efficient and compressed chronological ordering.
  • Intelligent handling of team or location specific constraints: The average number of team games per weeks are automatically evaluated, and the generated constraints are conformed to this average each schedule week so to provide an even smoothing of team and location distributions throughout the season.
  • Uses a constraint logic programming algorithm (modified canonical pattern) by mathematician Dominic de Werra as a schedule basis, prior to any hard constraint adjustments.
  • Support for single or multiple round robin schedules, custom, swiss round, single or double elimination tournaments, cross divisional or practice schedules.
  • Schedules can vary wildly over dates, i.e. games can take place on a Monday and Tuesday of the first week, Wednesday, Thursday of the second week and Friday and Saturday on the third week and can be accomplished without too much data entry.
  • Support for groupings of multiple schedules in order to track conflicts and manage inter-divisional play.
  • Inter-divisional auto conflict resolution: Users may have conflicts 'automatically resolved' across all divisions/groupings within a project upon schedule creation.
  • Officiating crew conflict resolution can be local to a schedule or global to a schedule grouping.

Schedule Evaluation Tools

  • Detailed interactive reports for every schedule that can respond to changes made by users directly in the schedule tables. Reports include, schedule quality ratio score, number of games per team, number of home and away games, home and away patterns for each team, a confrontation chart depicting the number of games each team plays against it's rivals, and the home and away pattern for those rivalries.
  • Team Games Per Week Chart: Evaluation report depicting the bounding dates and number of games that each team plays for each week plotted within a schedule. Interim weeks that do not have scheduled games are omitted.
  • Games that could not be scheduled due to impossible constraint combinations are detailed in the generated schedule report, and reflected in the overall schedule report quality ratio.
  • Generate schedule standings and output the results to an HTML file. Support for user defined tie resolution strategies.
  • Master Schedule Views which allows filtered viewing of games for user defined game objects and dates, including Teams, Locations, and Officials with data sorted in the appropriate chronological ordering

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