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One of the strengths of Splendid City Team Sports Scheduler is that it is highly configurative and can be molded to accomplish the required tasks for various sports organizations. Below is a list of some of it's configuring features.

Configuration Options

  • Extendable Plugin Interface. Users may extend the inherent scheduling algorithms using the Swap Tool Utility to conform to various individual situations and can save those adjustments to an Splendid City script file to be loaded for future use with schedules with similar constraint patterns. Through plugins, users may infuse scheduling adjustments directly into the schedule build process, prior to any hard constraint adjustments. Plugins may be created and saved in a portable .tsScript (XML) file and stored in the application plugins folder to be accessed directly into the creation process. Using plugins, scheduling flexibility is greatly enhanced creating limitless automatic scheduling possibilities for the imaginative user. Works particularly well with Splendid City scheduling templates. Several sample plugins are provided as examples of what can be achieved
  • Enhanced Schedule Swap Tool Utility to swap home and away game advantages, and game pairings, and objects within specified games. Simply append a modification to the a list and the swap utility will automatically execute actions in the list. Using the swap utility an execution order can be defined so as to set up a choreography of adjustments within the utility which can be saved to a .tsScript file for repeated re-use within the plugin interface integrating it into the schedule build for specified schedules.
  • Schedule templates may be created that will allow users to quickly design completed project schedules before knowing the object details of the project. As the details of the schedules become more clear, users may fill in the information directly into the user interface to be reflected and updated in all aspects of objects and pre-built schedules. Users may use the Splendid City templates as a means of quickly understanding what the possible scheduling outcomes will be, without knowing the exact details of the final schedule.
  • Time Shifting Utility to included specified schedule indices as well as games that occur on specific days or days of the week to automatically batch shift games times.
  • Added the user option to minimize consecutive home and away games.
  • Live updating of schedule objects to allow for last minute replacements or edits of team and location information to be automatically refreshed in previously built schedules.
  • Users have the option to allow or disallow game schedules to be automatically renumbered after the schedule build. With regards to creating plugins, having this feature off, makes it easier to understand the scheduling patterns.
  • New program preferences allowing users greater flexibility and control in the schedule output formats. Users may now export HTML schedules in various color schemes as well as fonts and font sizes allowing authors the ability to create a host of intuitive style differences making the output ideal for publishing on the web or for hard copy reproductions. Using these choices, varying designs can be achieved to differentiate between clubs, leagues, divisions, tournaments, etc.
  • New user choices with regards to adding schedule content for individual teams, locations and officials in the output files.
  • User choice for leagues who wish to de-emphasize competition for it's younger competitors, Splendid City version 3 includes a new option to exclude schedule game standings and game results when publishing completed schedules.
  • Provides support for creation, management, and reports of game officials and officiating crews.
  • Users have the option to allow or disallow 'double header' games when managing constraints.
  • Roster player entries can be displayed as active or inactive within the roster list. Inactive entries are automatically excluded from published line up forms and HTML representations of the rosters.
  • Includes a user choice to append schedule author information as foot notes to each schedule's output page.

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