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Splendid City also comes with the ability to publish data to a wide variety of formats to allow for posting on web sites, printing, sharing of iCalendar files, incorporation into spreadsheet programs, sharing of individual object data, etc. All publishing features are cross platform in nature. Anyone that owns a computer with a free copy of Splendid City Lite can access project data. Below describes some of these publishing formats.

Publishing Formats

  • The Splendid City project file (.scproj) format (XML) is portability across all supported platforms (Mac OS X, Windows, Unix, Linux) and release versions. Anyone with a free demo copy of Splendid City Lite installed, can view project data, including schedules, rosters, standings, and any other data associated with the project.
  • Support for import and export of contacts as vCard files either as separate files or one big batch file. Great for integrating Splendid City with Microsoft Outlook or Apple AddressBook.
  • Includes schedule data output to a .ics file suitable for integration (importing) into a variety of calendar publishing programs. Those programs would include Microsoft Outlook XP (can be exported as a csv file and publish on the web for the general public at Yahoo Calendar), Mac OS X iCal, Mozilla Calendar (Window, Linux), (for web publication and subscription on .Mac or any WEBDAV enabled server..i.e., and Ximian Evolution on Linux. This data can also be simply uploaded to a remote directory using the FTP utility allowing users to directly subscribe to your calendar within viewing programs like iCal and Mozilla or have them redirected and viewed on a number of PHP Calendar rendering sites like for public preview as well as synchronized with mobile device calendars.
  • Export to HTML including schedule, team, location, and team player roster specific data to be viewed in a web browser of choice (i.e. Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.) Printable View for HTML output of individual object schedules. With regards to individual object schedules, in addition to being viewed in one large HTML document, are also available as a directory of separate HTML files, to be more suitable for printing each individual object schedule as a separate document.
  • Schedule, Team, location, official, and player data can be exported to XML file format making it possible to incorporate those objects into any free Splendid City Lite copy regardless of OS platform or version. A practical way to submit schedules, scores, or team rosters electronically to league organizers.
  • Team roster game line up forms may be exported as HTML or CSV files for hard copy presentations to Officials and opponents.
  • Object oriented support for handling of game score results. Individual game scores can be exported as a .score file and using the Splendid City E-mailer can be sent to the organizers or other Splendid City Lite users so that they may update their schedule standings. Receiving users may then batch import the .score file data by simply selecting a directory that stores the new game results to be automatically reflected in the seeded team standings. It's a great alternative to the organization with many users who don't have the luxury of broadband connections as the .score files are quite small in size.
  • Users may also export schedules in CSV format allowing for integration in powerful spread sheet programs like Microsoft Excel or File Maker Pro.
  • Splendid City FTP export utility. Users may now export built schedules directly to remote directories using a built in FTP client.

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