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No professional software distribution is complete without some measure of user friendliness. Graphical shortcuts and conveniences as well as in depth application documentation helps users better accomplish what they set out to when starting a new project. Below lists the functionality of Splendid City in these areas.


  • Printable View for HTML output of individual object schedules. With regards to individual object schedules, in addition to being viewed in one large HTML document, are now also available as a directory of separate HTML files, to be more suitable for printing each individual object schedule as a separate document.
  • It can instantaneously cancel or uncancel games.
  • Support for Moving/Copying partially completed or completed schedule(s) along with it's associated data across loaded projects.
  • Support for Moving/Copying selected games to other schedules across or within loaded projects.
  • Email client integrated directly into the scheduler so that users may instantly assemble email messages ( in only two clicks ) to targeted recipients associated with games to a particular schedule, date, game, or selected group of games. All objects (team contacts, officials, location contacts, players) associated with those user defined games can be quickly notified in the event of a game cancellations, or changes in game or games' schedule.
  • The email client supports multi-part mime types (attachments) so schedules or object data can be distributed via email as well. A nice alternative to distributing hard copies by hand or via snail mail. The mailer supports scheduled mailings so if only limited mailings are allowed, it can be delivered over seconds, minutes, hours, or days. It has support for prompted or unprompted authenticated mailings as well.
  • Contextual menu support facilitating frequent time constraint data entry
  • Great flexibility with regards to editing, adding and removing schedule dates after already created.
  • Users may make copies of projects directly in the Project Viewer Panel and work on those copies to preserve original projects.

Application Documentation and Help

  • Full blown searchable, context sensitive Splendid City on-board help.
  • Off-line or online tutorials available for 3 levels of experience targeted for specific Splendid City users. (beginner, intermediate, or expert).
  • Installation READ-ME
  • Supplemental FAQ

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