ATS Legacy Downloads

Splendid City & ATS was written using the Java language so is consistent from platform to platform, however has only been tested on the Macintosh, Window, and UNIX / Linux platforms to date...


Splendid City for Macintosh OS 10.2.6 upto 10.6.8.
System requirements 1MB Ram
11 MB HD space

Download(.dmg.gz 2.2 MB)


Advanced Team Scheduler for Macintosh OS 10x.
System requirements 5MB Ram
2 MB HD space

Download (.dmg.gz 2.2 MB)

Advanced Team Scheduler for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
System requirements 5MB RAM
10 MB HD space (not including java 2 VM)
Java 2 Virtual Machine



Advanced Team Scheduler for UNIX/Linux
Java 2 Virtual Machine
1 MB HD space


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