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What do I get for a $39.60 upgrade to Splendid City® Professional?

Well, you get all the included features of Splendid City Lite, plus a host of enhanced functionality and automatically become registered across all supported computer platforms of your choosing.

Currently supported are Mac OS X, Windows 2000 - Windows 10, Linux / UNIX. You are entitled to free unlimited product support (via email) for one year.

Here are some of the following enhancements from the Lite to Professional licenses. These are things that you can do in the Pro version that you can't do in the free Lite version.

  • Export all data tables (including Master schedules, divisional schedules, standings tables, individual object information) to user defined styled HTML Documents for publishing to hard copies (printing) or on the Internet to organizational web sites.
  • Export sport schedules in CSV format for incorporation into spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, or FileMaker Pro.
  • Export sport schedules to iCalendar format for publishing on Calendar sharing sites like Yahoo, iCalShare, iCal Exchange.
  • Export single and double tournament bracket views for publishing on the web or printing to hard copies.

Upgrading to Pro is simply a great value! Take a look at this competitive sports scheduling software price & feature comparison. The registration scheme for each professional user license is designed to be valid for over several years of Splendid City software version updates.

To order securely online with a credit card or via PayPal, visit our web store. Volume discounts are available. [Save 20% with the purchase of a 4 user license.]


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