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Splendid City, Stat Tracker Android Support!

The SCStats walkthru is available below. Move through the steps below to gain more understanding of how to use the software.

Step 1: Add players/participants to the player list.

Step 2: Add statistics you would like to track for the players. You can choose to add stats from commonly played sports or add custom stats that you define.

Step 3: Edit your players/participants stats. You can do this quickly and easily by selecting one or more players' names from the list and clicking the

[Update Checked Player Stats >>] button

... or edit them individually by touching and holding down each players name. Then choosing the EDIT option.

Step 4: Inspect your overall team results and share the statistic data in HTML or CSV form using the scStats provided built in email client.

Tracked Statistics

The benefit of using Splendid City Stats is that statistic definitions can be completely customized.

In addition to simple custom stats SC Stats can be configured to register several statistics at once. In other words, stats can be created that represent more than one statistic, and can be augmented with a single click.

For example in a basketball game, the number of successful 3 point shots a player made can be tracked and in addition the points statistic can be augmented by 3. The number of free throw attempts can be tracked also when a free throw shot is successful or unsuccessful. This new feature adds a level of granularity unparalleled by currently available sports statisitic tracking mobile applications.

The definition of splendid city compound statistics use the following rules and can be typed manually or defined using the UI elements provided in the sc stats interface:

<number> := positive | negative whole number
<increment amount> := <number>
<matching stat abbreviation> := Stat Abbreviation already listed in the stat preferences.
<compound stat> := <increment amount>:<matching stat abbreviation>

<compound stat definition> := {<compound stat>;<compound stat>; ...}

Derived Statistics

In addition to tracked stats Splendid City Stats allows users the opportunity to define stats that are derived from the results of user defined mathematical expressions incorporating existing tracked stats as well as number constants opening up a number of possibilities for calculating statistics that are to be published.

The format of the expression can be any mathematical evaluation incorporating the following operands:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Modulo
  • Exponentiation

Of course operations can be nested within parenthesis and may contain number constants as well as pre-existing tracked stat abbreviations defined in the steps above. The tracked stat definition should contain the primary abbrevation (with out any compounding stat information) and should be surrounded by square brackets without any white space. Using the convenience methods available in the view's menus can facilitate this data entry.

Splendid City Stats offers users the ability to merge an unlimited number of game events into one cumulative representation, were common values are compounded to represent the totals for specific stats over the course of a seaon, tournament, or series of games or events. This feature is available in the menu 'Stats' --> 'Manage Series' option available from the add new player view [depicted in Step 1 above].

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