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Welcome To The Home of SC Stats!

Splendid City Stats is available as a free easy-to-use statistics tracking application Android mobile platforms. SC Stats allows users to keep track of common statistics from popular sports like Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Baseball & Softball, as well as uncommon sports where users can define any statistics for events they would like to keep track of. There is also support for creating custom compound statistics to allow users to record many aspects of an event at the same time, offering unparalleled granularity when tracking events. Users may also create custom derived statistics by defining math expressions that incorporate existing tracked stats.

The interface can be fully customized allowing users the abililty to define and keep track of any number of events for an arbritrary or unlimited number of players or participants. The software data entry features are quick and intuitive making it practical for live event tracking.

Once users are finished or satisfied with their statisitic data entry, they can share the results by exporting the information in HTML or CSV formatted files which can be incorporated into additional systems to further process or publish the statistical information collected. SC Stats also offers users the option to save, merge and publish events that span over a season, tournament, or series of games or matches.

By allowing users to customize all aspects of the data they compile, the software can become useful for virtually any situation, limited only by the imagination of the user.

Download Splendid City Stats for your Android device now!

You can start tracking events for your sport or game and download a free copy of SC Stats for the Android Platform from the link below.

To install:

  1. Go to Settings > Application (or Security) screen
  2. Check the box labeled Unknown sources...
  3. Click OK.

This will allow you to install the applications outside the Android Market.

Note: Minimum of Android version 2.2 is required to install and run the software.

For an overview of the software features please visit the SCStats support links at the top of this page, or send us an email for feature requests, bug reports or general implementation questions.

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