Integrating Splendid City generated icalendar files with Mozilla Calendar

This tutorial is primarily useful for Windows and Linux users who are looking for a free calendaring program that will render their icalendar file created by Splendid City Team Sport Scheduler. The professional version of Splendid City is required. Windows users can also use Microsoft Outlook but this program requires a purchased license. ( Mac OS X users have iCal that comes by default with the Mac OS 10.2 or higher operating system install. ICalendar files on the Mac can be launched by double clicking on the icalendar file.)

In order to use Mozilla Calendar it is first necessary to download the Mozilla Web Browser. Mozilla Browser is an extremely fast web surfing alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer and has excellent features for blocking popups, irc chat, mail and newsgroups clients, HTML editor as well as some other tools most notably the Mozilla Calendar that can render icalendar files (.ics). You won't need to install every feature if you don't want. Only the browser is required.

Step 1: To download the full Mozilla install (12 MB) visit and select the installer for your platform. Many of the Linux distributions already come by default with the browser in which case you can jump to step 6. The latest version at the time of this writing was 1.6.

Step 2: Once your download is complete you can begin to install Mozilla by launching the installer. You can choose to install the complete suite or some selected choices by specifying 'custom' in one of the installer panels. As well as the Navigator I chose to install Chatzilla, Debugger, Quality Control parts of the installer. You can choose what ever you may find useful. The Mozilla Calendar is not part of this installation process. We'll get that after we're done here.

Step 3: Once you've installed Mozilla it will launch and using the Mozilla web browser (Navigator), visit to begin with your calendar installation.

Step 4: Select your download from the table: "1.6b, 1.6 Mozilla Nightlies Firebird Nightlies.Latest install" (mine was Install Jan 9th)

Step 5: You will be requested to install the calendar of which you should say yes. You'll now begin to download an .xpi file that will install itself once the download is completed. If all goes well you'll be notified of your installation success and prompted to restart Mozilla. Quit Mozilla and restart to open the Mozilla Calendar.

Step 6: Once Mozilla has restarted you'll notice in the bottom left of your Browser a new Calendar icon of which you may click to open the Calendar Program.

Step 7: From within the Mozilla Calendar menu bar --> Tools --> Import From File. Decide what to do with duplicates, (I chose to discard duplicates) and navigate to your Splendid City generated schedule iCalendar file. (The name will end with an _iCal ending)

Step 8: You can review your Calendar entries or simply load them directly. Once loaded you can move events using drag and drop, view your calendar in monthly, weekly, biweekly, daily views. You may also print these views for distribution or publish them on the web for others to subscribe to your calendar within their own iCalendar enabled programs.

Tutorial by Mark Johnson with special thanks to Tommy Parish for his feedback that helped inspire this tutorial.

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